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  • Double Coating CTcP Litho Plate

    Double Coating CTcP Litho Plate

    To answer the market's needs for plate making speed and efficiency, Bridgehead Double Coating positive UV-CTP plate, as a UV-CTP plate, is developed by our R&D Team. Specifically designed for the CTcP technology, the robust plate boasts for its remarkable feature, which is...Read More
  • Blue Positive Working UV Plate

    Blue Positive Working UV Plate

    Fit for Kodak, Agfa, SCREEN, Luscher, Founder, Cron, Amsky and Heidelbery platesetter and developer, Bridgehead Blue Positive Working UV Plate has good compatibility with plate setters and developers from different brands. As a result, its user has various options in getting...Read More


    Specially designed for UV Technology
    Outstanding printing performance
    High-quality image performance
    Excellent stability and adaptability
    Read More
  • Chem Free CTCP Plate Negative

    Chem Free CTCP Plate Negative

    Bridgehead Chmistry Free Negative Plate have many characteristics: firstly, it can be shortened the ready- plate-making time, improving the efficiency of plate- making; secondly, it can be reduced the clean out unite and chemical solution and thus save the cost and time;Read More
  • Low Chemical UV-CTP Plate

    Low Chemical UV-CTP Plate

    Bridgehead Low Chmical UV-CTP Plate promises excellent printing performance: quick start-up, stable ink/water balance and quick restart after a stop. It is easy-to-operate and cost-efficient.Read More
  • Double Layers CTCP Plate

    Double Layers CTCP Plate

    Bridgehead Double LayerCTCP Plate is a updated product from CTCP Plate. On the one side, Double Layer CTCP Plate inherit CTCP plate's advantages as following.One of the most remarkable features is the plate is compatible with both normal ink and UV ink.Read More
  • CTCP Plate UV-CTP Plate

    CTCP Plate UV-CTP Plate

    Bridgehead CTCP plate is designed for UV-CTP print users, especially commercial priting users.With Electronically grained and anodized aluminum substrate, Bridgehead CTCP plate is easy to operate and good in performance.Read More
  • Low Chem UV Plate

    Low Chem UV Plate

    The plate has fine image reproduction and excellent printing performance.It enables you to benefit from the industry's lowest chemistry, water and processor maintenance figures.Read More
  • Offset Positive CTCP Plate

    Offset Positive CTCP Plate

    1:High quality alumninum,composite grain and high press run
    2:Capable of bright room operation
    3:High resolution and precise half tone dot reprodution
    4:High development tolerance level and convenient operation
    Read More
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