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Chem Free CTCP Plate Negative

Chem Free CTCP Plate Negative

Bridgehead Chmistry Free Negative Plate have many characteristics: firstly, it can be shortened the ready- plate-making time, improving the efficiency of plate- making; secondly, it can be reduced the clean out unite and chemical solution and thus save the cost and time;

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Chem Free CTCP Plate Negative

Bridgehead Chmistry Free Negative Plate have many features which are listed as following. 

1. shorten the ready- plate-making time, improving the efficiency of plate- making; 

2. reduce the clean out unite and chemical solution and thus save the cost and time; 

3. effectively reduce emissions and pollution, build green printing; 

4. minimize the impact on the properties of plate due to  processing conditions, improve the quality of plate and keep plate-making Stability.

Technical Specifications

Plate type

chemistry-free negative CTcP Plate

Spectral   sensitivity

350~420 nm


0.15 mm, 0.30 mm and etc.


Electronically grained ,anodized and hole sealing aluminum substrate

Laser energy

20-40 mJ/cm2


2~98% @200 lpi


Not required

 latent image stability

7 days

Plate-making   contrast

Plate-making contrast is clearly. It can be measured with all   available densitometers and dot meter

storage   condition

Storage room   temperature≤25 ℃

relative humidity temperature≤60 %.

Shelf life

12 months

Run length

100,000 impressions, depend on the specific printing conditon.


Not recommended



1. Samples available, we often send 4-8 pieces plates to customer for testing.

2. Sizes of plates can be produced according to customers' demand.

3. We supply online technical support. If there is any problem, we will coordinate

    our engineers to help you solve the problem via e-mail/Tel/Video

4. We have a tracking service every month to care about our products, if any

    problem, we will help you and learn from you together to solve the problem.


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