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CTCP Plate

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Chemistry Free CTCP Negative Plate

Chemistry Free CTCP Negative Plate

High stability.
High sensitivity.
Environment protection.

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Chemistry Free CTCP Negative Plate


  1. High stability. With electronically grained ,anodized and hole sealing aluminum substrate, the plate is good at dot reproduction and performance well and stably.

  2. High sensitivity. The plate is highly sensetive and save time in the exposure procesure.The latent image stability lasts for 7 days.

  3. Environment protection. Needing no developer and no baking, the plate helps you achieve greener printing.It is also energy-saving for the laser energy is 20-40 mJ/cm2 when you operate it.

Technical specifications

Plate type

chemistry-free UV-W CTP Plate

Spectral sensitivity

350~420 nm

Laser energy

20-40 mJ/cm2


2~98% @200 lpi

Plate-making contrast 

Plate-making contrast is clearly. It can be measured with all available densitometers and dot meter

storage condition

Storage room temperature≤25 ℃,relative humidity temperature≤60 %.

Shelf life

12 months under recommended storage conditions.

Run length

100,000 impressions, depend on the specific printing conditon.


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