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Huaguang UV-W Eco Wash CTCP Plate

Huaguang UV-W Eco Wash CTCP Plate

High compatibility and environment friendly
Excellent printing performance
Fine image reproduction

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Huaguang UV-W Eco Wash CTCP Plate


Are you looking for a widely-applied, low-chemical and negative-working plate? 

Then Huaguang UV-N plate is your best choice. 

It is the latest addition to Huaguang's portfolio of environmental negative-working UV-CTcP plates. 

It combines a UV photosensitive coating with an anodized aluminum substrate, ensuring high quality and wide applications.


Plate typeNegative-working ,UV-CtCP plate
SubstrateElectrochemically grained and anodized aluminum substrate.
SafelightYellow safelight handling
Shelf life12months, in the recommended storage conditions
Operating conditions18-25℃,<70%RH
Plate-setterCompatible with existing mainstream violet plate-setters
Laser energy80-100mj/cm2(Dependent on Plate-setter type, configuration and resolution)
Resolution 2-98% @ 200lpi(Dependent on the Plate-setter type, the configuration and the resolution)
Spectral sensitivity350-405nm
DeveloperHuaguang PD developer (1:10)
Replenishing amount30-50ml/m2
Developer life6 weeks or 5000m2
processerProcessers with at least one brush are recommended.

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