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CTCP Plate

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Low Chem UV Plate

Low Chem UV Plate

The plate has fine image reproduction and excellent printing performance.It enables you to benefit from the industry's lowest chemistry, water and processor maintenance figures.

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Low Chem UV Plate

Bridgehead Low Chem UV plate is known as Bridgehead Low Chem CTCP Plate. It enables you to benefit from the industry's lowest chemistry, water and processor maintenance figures.The plate combines a UV photosensitive coating with an anodized aluminum substrate, ensuring green printing process, high quality and wide applications. 

The plate has fine image reproduction and excellent priting performance. With 100,000 impressions, the duration of the plate is remarkable under recommended conditions. It is compatible with mainstream plate-setters and developer from both Bridgehead and other brands. 

The plate is widely used in commercial printing. To offer more convinient option to our clients, we offer plates in thickness 0.15mm, 0.20mm. 0.25mm and 0.30mm. When it comes to the size of plate, length * width, our clients are free to design it on thier own. 




Plate type

Negative-working Low Chem CTcP Plate

Spectral sensitivity



Yellow safelight handling

Shelf Life

12 months

Exposure energy



2-98% @ 200lpi

Replenishing amount

30-50 ml/m2


Storage and transport conditions: 18-25oC, 30-60%RH,  Notice to avoid high temperature and high humidity 

Storage life:12 months, under recommended storage conditions

Packaging Details

0.15mm 100 pieces/carton 
0.30mm 50 pieces/ carton 
Then 50 packages or 1.4 meters high on a pallet. 
One 20ft container can contain 30,000sqms.

About CTcP Plate

CTCP plate refers to the CTP in the traditional PS version, as a form of CTP plate process, actually CTcP plate plate and CTP plate is the second best alternative, but in order to complete the CTP derived in a new way. 

CTP technology can be divided into photosensitive CTP Technology (visible light, purple laser, UV light) and thermal CTP technology, the following focuses on thermal CTP technology. More CTP plus based on existing printing conditions for the transformation of the computer direct plate solution - CTcP plate material, has more advantages than CTP plate:

1, can use PS plate material

2, the light source is more durable

3, simple operation


If you are interested in Low Chem UV Plate, please leave us a messege in the box below. We will reply with 24 hours. We are sincerely looking for an oppotunity to set up mutaul cooperation with you.

Kindly note, the more specific your mesage is, the better offer we will give.

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