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Lucky Huaguang UV-PH Positive CTcP Plate

Lucky Huaguang UV-PH Positive CTcP Plate

High-quality aluminum plate
Complex grain structure & dense oxidized layer
The substrate of hydrophilic treatment
Perfect coating formulation

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Lucky Huaguang UV-PH Positive CTcP Plate



The new formula photosensitive layer and the stability production process not only increase plate sensitivity, but also maintain the excellent performance of plate making and printing of Huaguang UV-P plate.


Technical Specifications

Plate Type

Commercial Positive UV-CTP plate

Spectral Sensitivity

350-460nm UV light,especially 400-410 UV laser

Relative Sensitivity

30-35 mw(Cron platesetter, Drum speed- High)


2- 98% @ 250 lpi.( The difference between plate-making equipment will be different)

Applicable Platesetter

Main UV-CTP platesetters such as Cron, Luscher, Amsky, basysPrint.

Color Change

Blue-Green to Pale Green after exposed

Recommended Processing Condition

Temperature: 24±1℃;Speed: 20—30s; Washing temperature: room condition;Drying temperature: 50℃;Recommended developer: Huaguang PD Plate Developer(dilution: 1:3 or 1:4, replenishing rate: 100-150ml/㎡) 

Run Length

150.000 impressions with normal ink.


Yellow light

Shelf life

18 months under recommended storage conditions

Packaging Details

We will carefully separate plates with paper, and warp them with brown paper to prevent exposure of light. Then we put the package into cartons, in order to enhance the protection.


0.15mm 100 pieces/carton 
0.30mm 50 pieces/ carton 
Then 50 packages or 1.4 meters high on a pallet. 
One 20ft container can contain 30,000sqms.

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