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CTCP Plate

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Negative Chem Free CTcP Plate

Negative Chem Free CTcP Plate

able to shorten the ready- plate-making time
reduces the clean out unite and chemical solution;
effectively reduces emissions and pollution, build green printing
minimizes the impact on the properties of plate due to processing conditions

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Negative Chem Free CTcP Plate

Compared with the conventional UV-CTP plate , The development of Bridgehead Negetive Chem Free Plate is a physic process other than a chemical process. Moreover, the performance of the plate will not be affected by developing temperature, developing time and developing replenishment, which makes the plate-making process more stable.


Spectral sensitivity

350420 nm


0.15 mm0.30 mm and etc.


Electronically grained   ,anodized and hole sealing aluminum substrate

Laser energy

20-40 mJ/cm2


298% @200 lpi


Not required

latent image stability

7 days

Plate-making contrast

Plate-making contrast is   clearly. It can be measured with all available densitometers and dot meter

storage condition

Storage room temperature25 , relative   humidity temperature60 %.

Shelf life

12 months under recommended   storage conditions.

Run length

100,000 impressions


Not recommended


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