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CTCP Plate

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  • Low Chem UV-CTP Plate

    Low Chem UV-CTP Plate

    High compatibility and environment friendly
    Excellent printing performance
    Fine image reproduction
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  • Positive Double Coating CTcP Plate

    Positive Double Coating CTcP Plate

    Bridgehead Double Coating CTCP Plate produces high-quality printing products. At the same time, it is easy to operate for the plate is able to work under while light and it eliminates the procedure of pre-heating.Read More
  • UV-CTP Printing Plate

    UV-CTP Printing Plate

    BRIDGEHEAD UV-CTP Printing Plate is a computer-to-conventional-plate (CtCP) imaging that offers you high quality, productivity and profitability.Read More
  • Low Chemical CTcP Plate

    Low Chemical CTcP Plate

    Bridgehead Low Chem CTCP plate is the latest addition to Bridgehead’s portfolio of environmental negative-working CTcP plates. It combines a UV photosensitive coating with an anodized aluminum substrate, ensuring high quality and wide applications.Read More
  • Double Coating UV-CTP Plate

    Double Coating UV-CTP Plate

    Bridgehead Double Coating UV-CTP Plate is suitable for both UV printing and conventional printing. It is able to work under white light, which makes printing process more convenient. It is also time-saving for there is no need to pre-heating.Read More
  • UV Plate

    UV Plate

    Excellent Long Run Length
    Exact Dot Reproduction
    Excellent Ink-water Balance on Printing
    High Sensitive Speed
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  • Double Layer CTcP Plate

    Double Layer CTcP Plate

    1:High quality aluminum, composite grain and high press run
    2:Capable of bright room operation
    3:High resolution and precise half tone dot reproduction
    4:High development tolerance level and convenient operation
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    1.Stable quality
    2.High sensitivity
    3.High resolution
    4.Long run length
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  • Negative Chemistry Free CTcP Plate

    Negative Chemistry Free CTcP Plate

    UVH700 Chemistry Free CTcP Plate can be shortened the ready- plate-making time, improving the efficiency of plate- making.Read More
  • Low Chem Negative CTcP Plate

    Low Chem Negative CTcP Plate

    Bridgehead UVH300 Low Chem Negative CTcP Plates are compatible with most existing UV plate-setters, removing the need to purchase new equipments.Read More
  • Double Coating Positive CTcP Plate

    Double Coating Positive CTcP Plate

    The features of Bridgehead Double Coating Positive CTcP Plate is that a new UV photosensitive layer formula and high quality electrolytic oxidation of the aluminum base, it is not only suitable for UV ink printing, but also suitable for ordinary ink printing.Read More
  • Positive UV-CTP Plate

    Positive UV-CTP Plate

    The first class aluminum base of Bridgehead UV-CTP maintains an even surface, exact dimension and all kinds of physics and mechanical capabilities.Read More
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