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UVH400 Double Layer CTCP Plate

UVH400 Double Layer CTCP Plate

Specially designed for UV Technology
Superb printing performance
Good quality imaging performance
Excellent stability and adaptability

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Product Details

  UVH400 Double Layer CTCP Plate 

Bridgehead  UVH400 Plate have  high quality , which make the printing enterprise in the production of both economic efficiency at the same time.  It combines a UV photosensitive coating with an anodized aluminum substrate, ensuring high quality and wide applications.

Plate  type

UVH400 Plate




Electrochemically grained and anodized  aluminum substrate.

Spectral  sensitivity

350-460nm  UV, specifically 400-410nm UV laser.

Exposure  energy



2 to 98% @ 250lpi


Compatible with  mainstream processor in the market



Bridgehead positive PS plate developer are recommended.


The ratio of developer (PD: water)


Developer temperature

24 ± 1℃

Replenishing Rate

100-150ml/ m2


yellow  light

Working  conditions

Operating temperature  21-25 ℃ (room temperature), humidity 40-60%

Run  length

● UV ink ≥ 50000 impressions .

●ordinary ink ≥ 200,000 impressions.

●baked   ≥ 500,000 impressions

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