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  • Clean-Out Gum Violet CTP Plate

    Clean-Out Gum Violet CTP Plate

    The most remarkable feature of the plate is the innovation in processing. Comparing to ordinary plate, it is processed by clean-out gum, which is more mild and helps protect plate-setters. Coating with photopolymer, the Violet CTP Plate has a good sensitivity to light and...Read More
  • Photopolymer Coating Violet CTP Plate

    Photopolymer Coating Violet CTP Plate

    Bridgehead Photopolymer Coating Violet CTP Plate, as a negative-working plate, is widely applied in newspaper printing with high output. The robust plate will facilitate newspaper printing users' working efficiency for its feature of fast roll-up. It saves water comsumption,...Read More
  • Eco Wash Thermal CTP Plate

    Eco Wash Thermal CTP Plate

    Bridgehead Eco Wash Thermal CTP Plate is an environmentally-friendly product. Comparing to ordinary CTP plate, this special plate is able to be washed by neutral developer or develop gum. There is no need to worry about uncertainties and generate intermediate in the...Read More
  • Double Coating CTP Litho Plate Thermal

    Double Coating CTP Litho Plate Thermal

    Bridgehead Double Coating CTP Litho Plate is a digital thermal printing plate in commercial printing. The plate is a updated version of single layer CTP plate. It has wide operating latitude,high run length,resistant to chemical corrosion, such as UV ink and printer cleaning...Read More
  • Water-processed Thermal CTP Plate

    Water-processed Thermal CTP Plate

    Bridgehead TPH 500 only needs to be processed by water, even without processor, to achieve good printing result. Bridgehead R&D Team has been working to eliminate the processing step by innovating plate coating technology.Read More
  • Thermal CTP Digital Plate

    Thermal CTP Digital Plate

    As a positive-working digital plate, Bridgehead TPH100 needs no preheat while granting an excellent printing output with accurate dot production. Equipping with electrochemically grained and anodized aluminum substrate, the plate is able to be processed with wide developing...Read More
  • Negative Thermal Computer-to-plate Plate

    Negative Thermal Computer-to-plate Plate

    As a negative-working thermal CTP Plate, Bridgehead's TPN has a dramatic press preformance, while holding on exellent durability at the same time. The plate grants faster press approvals, less waste and cost saving.Read More
  • Low Chem Violet CTP Printing Plate

    Low Chem Violet CTP Printing Plate

    Bridgehead Low-chemical Violet CTP Plate is a specializedplate for violet CTP plate-setter and represents the trends of violet CTP technology. It can be applied with low-PH finisher during the washing-out treatment, which streamlines the post-treatment process and reduces...Read More
  • Single Layer Violet CTP Plate

    Single Layer Violet CTP Plate

    Bridgehead Violet CTP Plate delivers outstanding print quality for newspaper. With high-quality output easily encompassing the very high Sublima screen frequencies, the plate provides the right resolution for a wide range of printing applications.Read More
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