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Bridgehead Thermal CTP

Bridgehead Thermal CTP

1.Easy-to-use. Able to work under white light and no need to pre-heating.

2.Steady Quality, Good Compatibility, Fast sensitive speed,Excellent dot reappearance, Long Run-length

3. Close-grained Oxidation Layer –Outstanding dot reproduction,high resolution and long run length

4.Excellent Hydrophilicity- keep ink-water balance optimally

5.Unique Photosensitive Coating-High and fast Sensitivity

6.Steady Quality and Extensive Adaptability

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Product Details

Bridgehead Thermal CTP

Bridgehead thermal CTP plate can be compatible with various thermal CTP platesetters available in current market.

Product Type

Thermal CTP plate

Application Type

Commercial Printing, Newspaper Printing and Light Printing

Plate Thickness


Max. Size 


Sensitive Wavelength

800 - 850nm

Exposure Energy

130 - 160 mJ/cm2 


2 hours under daylight handling


1-99% at 200lpi

Shelf Life & Storage Conditions

18 months, under recommended storage conditions                                                        

Recommended condition is:  temperature 10-26°C & RH between 40 - 70%.


Store plates flat in their packaging, away from excessive cold, heat or high humidity.



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