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CTP Plate

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CTP Plate

CTP Plate

Bridgehead CTP Plate is known for its long run length, easy handling, high sensitivity and UV ink resistance, It has been distributed around the world, especially in European countries.

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CTP Plate

Bridgehead CTP Plate is a possitive working offset printing plate with CTP technology. It is known for its long run length, easy handling, high sensitivity and UV ink resistance, It has been distributed around the world, especially in European countries. Bridgehead CTP Plate stands for testing from clients and time.

Brigehead has a rich CTP plate catogory including Thermal CTP Plate and Violet CTP Plate. You can also find Conventional PS Plate and CTCP Plate (also knows as UVCTP Plate). 

With years of dedications to plate technology update, Bridgehead also offers various solutions for its clients to achieve greener printing with advanced plates like Processless Thermal CTP Plate (also know as DOP Plate), Chemical Free Thermal CTP Plate, Low Chemical Violet CTP Plate. These plates are not only environmentally-freindly, but also user-freindly, beacause they change plate-setting method by samplifying plate developing method. Choose Bridgehead CTP Plate to embrace a better printing solutions!

Bridgehead CTP Plate is suitable with plate-setters and chemicals from different brands. Clients are free to choose machines and chemicals according to thier own budget and market conditions.

Besides offering CTP plate with excellent quality, Bridgehead has a professional sales team to ensure all of our clients' questions to be well solved during the whole purchase. Our technicians also offer guiddance if you meet any problem during printing.

Please check our product category as follow:

CTP Plate

Bridgehead Thermal CTP Plate

processless ctp plate

Processless CTP Plate


Chemical free CTP Plate

Violet CTP Plate

Violet CTP Plate

CTCP Plate

CTCP Plate

PS Plate

PS Plate

Notes for Handling Plates

Take out plates with tissue paper covering plates’ coating sides

Do not take away tissue paper before putting plates into plate-setters. Do not make paper move relatively towards plates.

Carefully take out tissue paper and check plates before putting them into plate-setters.

After exposed plates, shift plates into plate processors directly and carefully to avoid bending.

After developing, transfer plates carefully and protect graphic area. Avoid bending plates.

Notes for operating plate-setters

Make sure plate-setting room in good conditions before starting plate-setters, including temperature, humidity and hygiene.

Make sure the quantity of compressed air before making plates

Make sure proper exposure energy will applied.


1、Safety goggles

If chemicals splash into eyes, wash with water for 15 mins and consult medical workers. 2、Rubber gloves and cover

They will protect skin from chemicals. Wash hands after operating. 3、Storage of chemicals

Do not eat. Keep chemicals away from children. 4、Management of Chemicals and related containers

Dispose pollutants according to government policy before emission.

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