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Double Coating CTP PLATE TPH300

Double Coating CTP PLATE TPH300

1. Long run length.
2. No-baking.
3. UV-ink resistance.
4. Good compatibility.

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General Introduction:

Bridgehead TPH300 Double Coating CTP Plate is produced by advanced  thermal plate technology. It is produced with two layer coating which achieves long run length and it can be also fully used in ordinary ink and UV ink with good performance.

Why we choose Bridgehead Double Coating CTP Plate?

1. Long run length

With the two layer coating technilogy, it can get long run length compared to the single layer CTP plates. TPH300 can have real test run length up to 500,000 copies. 

2. No-baking
TPH300 uses a chemical-resistant second layer for long run performance without the need for post-baking. Which will provide more convenient for the operation and it can save time and increase the working efficiency. 

3. UV-ink resistance
TPH300 is not only applicable to normal ink printing, but also UV ink printing, with the run length up to 50,000 impressions.

4. Good compatibility
It can be used with most of the popular developers such as AGFA THD200, IMAF, Kodak Goldstar and etc, and wide latitidue provides convenient operation during processing the plates

5. Good Services:

  • We provide 8-20 pcs of free samples for testing;

  • We have professional salesmans to answer your questions;

  • We have good shipping partners to deliver your goods;

  • We have good after-sale services.

Applied plate-setters








        Laser power


           75-85 %



        250 -300rpm



Settings need to change

           Focus /        Beam balance/Sr




         Focus /Zoom

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