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CTP Plate

Double Layer CTcP Plate

Double Layer CTcP Plate

positive Double layer CTCP plate is a kind of high quality Double layer CTCP plate developed by Bridgehead Co.Ltd for customers, which make the printing enterprise in the production of both economic efficiency at the same time. It is widely used in sheet-fed and web commercial press .

Product Details

positive Double layer CTCP plate is a kind of  high quality Double layer CTCP plate developed by Bridgehead Co.Ltd for customers, which make the printing enterprise in the production of both economic efficiency at the same time. It is widely used in sheet-fed and web commercial press .

Plate  type

Positive Double layer CTCP plate.




Electrochemically grained and anodized aluminum substrate.


commercial Sheetfed and rotary press printing.

Spectral sensitivity

350-460nm UV, especially 400-410nm UV laser.


Compatible with mainstream Double layer CTCP  platesetter in the market.

Exposure energy

30-35mW (Corey UV-4632CI platesetter, parameters 1000 rpm).


2 to 98% @ 250lpi (Platesetters in different resolution will have difference).


Compatible with mainstream processor in the market


Bridgehead PD  positive PS plate developer are recommended.

The ratio of developer (PD: water)


Developer temperature

24 ± 1℃

Developing time

20-30 seconds

Replenishing Rate

100-150ml/ m2


yellow light 

Working conditions

Operating temperature 21-25 ℃ (room temperature), relative humidity 40-60%

Storage condition

Storage temperature 15-27 ℃, relative humidity 25-60%. 18 months, in the recommended storage conditions.

Run length

● UV ink ≥ 50000 impressions .

●ordinary ink ≥ 200,000 impressions.

●baked  ≥ 500,000 impressions 

Actual run length will have differences according to press/paper/ink/chemicals conditions  

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