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CTP Plate

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Negative CTCP Plate

Negative CTCP Plate

(a) High-quality aluminum substrate
(b) Complex grain structure & dense oxidize layer
(c) The substrate of hydrophilic treatment
(d) Perfect coating formulation

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Negative CTCP Plate  



(a) High-quality aluminum substrate

Guarantee the flatness of plates, precise plate sizes and various physical mechanical properties.

(b) Complex grain structure & dense oxidize layer

Multilayered complex grain structure and dense oxidized layers are formed on the surface of the substrates through graining treatment with a series of chemical and electric-chemical methods to ensure that plate possesses precise dot reproduction and excellent anti-abrasion.

(c) The substrate of hydrophilic treatment

Guarantee the adherence of the photosensitive layer to the substrate; the ink/water balance improved and also overcome the normal contaminations at shut-down time or during printing.

(d) Perfect coating formulation

Even cosmetic coatings, extremely high sensitivity, fine dot reproduction, wide processing latitude, runlength up to 100,000 impressions. The extremely high sensitivity and the wonderful dot reproduction ensure that it fits UV-CTP (CTcP) plate-making very much. It is the best choice of the superb color business printing and the newspaper printing.

Technical Data


0.15 - 0.40 mm

Sensitive   Wavelength

405 nm


50 - 60 mj/cm2

Dot   Reproduction

2% - 98% at 200 lpi

Micro-line   Reproduction

8 - 10 um

Run   Length

150,000 - 200,000 actual run length   may vary according to press, ink and paper condition

Recommend   Developer

Ronsein developer or Kodak   developer

Developer   Concentration

powder to liquid =1:1

Developing   Temperature

23 - 25 degree Celsius

Developing   Time

25 - 35s

Safe   Light


Shelf   Life

18 months under recommended storage   conditions (10 - 30 degree Celsius, relative humidity: 40% - 60%, stacking   height less than 1.5 meters)


Packing and Delivering: 

We usually use container to deliver our products. And first, we will packaged our products by plastic to prevent being mositured, then we will use frame to fix this plate. no matter what, please do not worry about delivering, because we have been this field for many years, we will try our best to offer you the greatest goods. 



Before Service: we will try our best with professional advice to gve you the best reasonable product


During Service: we will make sure that these products will be deiliverd to customer's port. 


After Service: we like to solve problems with prossional knowledge. 




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