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Processless CTP Plate For Offset Pritning

Processless CTP Plate For Offset Pritning

1.Shorten preparation time for plate-making in order to enchance of plate-making
2.Reduce equipment for process and chemicals to reduce cost of plate-making
3. Reduce effectively discharge and pollution to create green printing

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Processless Thermal CTP  Plate



1. Unique formation design

The sensitive layer is a unique formulation structure and it makes the dot edge which is formed with laser scanning more sharp and suitable for high-end commercial color printing.

2. High-quality substrate

Fine aluminum plate with complex grain construction, dense oxidized layer as its substrate. Not only ensures the adhesion of the thermal coating to the aluminum plate, but also makes the plate possessing excellent runlength and exact dot reproduction to guarantee high quality printing.

3.Convenient bright room operation

Imaged and processed under room-light condition without additional dark room, easier and more comfortable to operators.

4.Outstanding platesetter compatibility

Compatible with various thermal CTP platesetters available in current market





Non-ablation thermal negative-type


Electrolyte graining and anodized Al substrate



Spectrum scope



Various dominant thermal platesetters in the market

Low-energy imaging


The period of latent image stabilization


Recommended screen method

1%~99@200lpi AM/ 20u FM and mixture

The paper number of start-up

<50 sheets

Safety light

1 hour under fluorescent lampno direct irradiation

with natural light), 4 hours under yellow light


Processing by water

Run length

100,000 impressions, actual run length depends on printing conditions


No reccomanded


Storage and Unpacking

1.Light and heat can cause the thermal CTP plate to chemical change easily; Recommended condition Temp: 15-26 centigrade, RH≤65%.

2. Unpacking the outer package should be in yellow light or room light; the recommended plate-making room light should be yellow.

3.Carrying plate gently; avoiding striking, folding and falling.

4. Palletizing height: less than 1.2m.



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