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Thermal CTP Plate

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Digital Thermal CTP Plate

Digital Thermal CTP Plate

High-quality substrate
Convenient bright room operation
Outstanding platesetter compatibility

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Digital Thermal CTP Plate


Bridgehead Digital Thermal CTP Plate has long run length beacause of its high-quality substrate. Becuase of the unique design, it can be used under bright romm and makes your operation more convenient.


Plate Type

Positive working, no preheat thermal digital plate, with optional postbake for longer runs



Maximum   short grain width


Spectral   sensitivity

800   - 850nm

Platesetter   compatibility

All the main   brands in market, like Kodak Trendsetter/Lotem/Magnus, Screen PT-R,   Heidelberg Topsetter/Suprasetter etc.

Laser   energy required

130-160 mJ/cm2


1%   to 99% @ 200 lpi. 

FM   capability

20   micron stochastic.

Run   length

100,000   impressions unbaked, over 500,000 impressions baked.


Daylight   handling

Shelf   life

18   months

Transport   and storage

Store   plates flat in their packaging, away from excessive cold, heat or high   humidity.

Recommended   condition is: temperature 10-26°C & RH between 40 - 70%.


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The major products of our company are UV plate, CTP plate ( Thermal CTP plate, Double Coating CTP plate , Violet Photopolymer CTP plate, Processless plate), CTcP plate, Graphic arts Film, Flexo plate and UV ink.

We keep the highest quality level for all our products. As a result, the brand Bridgehead is synonymous with quality and reliability.

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