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Thermal CTP Plate

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Double Coating CTP Litho Plate

Double Coating CTP Litho Plate

Futures and benefits:
1 Excellent resolution
2.High-quality substrate
3.Suitable for commercial printing

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Double Coating CTP Litho Plate

Bridgehead Double Coating CTP Litho Plate is specially designed and characteriezed by its versatile coating. With high-quality aluminum substract, the plate offers more options to clients, for it is suitable with UV ink and ordinary ink. The plate is also compatible with plate-setters from different brands. Thus, there is no need to buy a new mechine for it.

For safe light, the plate should be unpacked under day light or yellow light. During the plate-making operation, it is advicable to avoid high light.

When it is stored in recommented environment, the storage time lasts 18 months.



Plate Type

Positive thermal plate

Wave length






Safe light

Unpack it under day light or   yellow light and the plate making operation should avoid high light.


BRIDGEHEAD developer

(26±1℃, 25±5s) are recommended and the replenishment with the above mentioned  developers.

Run length

50,000impressions with UV ink; 

300,00 impressions with ordinary ink 

Features of Thermal plates

  • Photosensitivity between 830 nm and 1.070 nm;

  • high laser energy of up to 500 µJ/cm2 needed for exposure;

  • run lengths from 100,000 up to 500,000 prints;

  • resolution to 200 LPI–400 LPI possible;

  • dot reproduction 1–99%;

  • high process stability;

  • many providers;

  • processing in the daylight possible.


CTP has several advantages over conventional platemaking. In CTP, one generation (transfer of film image to the printing plate) is removed from the printing process (eliminating the need for film and related developer chemicals), increasing sharpness and detail. CTP avoids potential losses in quality that may occur during film processing, including scratches in the film, and variations in the exposure. An imagesetter usually has an accuracy rate of ±2%. Plates are produced in less time, are more consistent, and at a lower cost. CTP can also improve registration and image-to-edge repeatability over traditional methods. 


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