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Thermal CTP Plate

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Double Layer CTP Thermal Plate

Double Layer CTP Thermal Plate

High quality and efficiency
Friendly environment

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Double Layer CTP Thermal Plate

The stable and durable performance process

TPH600 Thermal Plate can maintain a high resolution and an excellent printing performance durably during the process, so it is applicable to more printing conditions and long run length.

TPH600 Thermal Plate possesses an extraordinary performance in prepress and in the pressroom. Not only is it applicable to UV ink, but also it is applicable to ordinary printing ink. The run length can come up to 300,000 impressions without baking, and the plate possesses good stability and latitude in imaging, processing, and on-press performance.


High quality and efficiency

TPH600 Thermal Plate possesses extreme high definition and stability in both the medium-and long- run length whether it is in FM(frequency modulation )printing or in AM(amplitude modulation) printing. It can reduce the plate-remaking and imaging deformations caused by dot wearing and line refining, thus, to improve the productivity. Fast imaging and processing rinsing can significantly improve the efficiencies of pre-printing.

TPH600Thermal Plate is not only a superior combination of quality, stability, yield, consistency and durability, but also the best choice for the short-run length and long one in the high-quality commercial press.


Friendly environment

TPH600 Thermal Plate can use environmental UV ink to reduce the discharge of volatile organic compounds (VOC). Longer run length makes it reduce the consumptions during the period of the press and thus save the cost and time.

TPH600 Thermal Plate can enhance the efficiencies of pre-printing preparations. At the time of keeping high quality, it greatly reduces the waste of paper and ink.

TPH600 Thermal Plate only need baking in the extreme conditions, such as rough paper, high-corrosive chemicals and the over long printing.



Positive thermal digital platewide operating latitudehigh run lengthresistant to chemical corrosion, such as UV ink and printer cleaning water.


Without baking, apply to high-quality and long run length printing, used UV ink and ordinary ink.


Electrochemically grained and anodized aluminum substrate.



You are welcome to contact local product suppliers for the size and specifications in the required range

Spectral sensitivity


Plate-setter compatibility

Compatible with mainstream thermal plate-setters.

Laser energy required

100-140 mj/cm2

AM resolution


Dependent upon capability of imaging devices.

FM resolution

10-micron stochastic
Dependent upon capabilities, applications, and screening algorithms of imaging devices.


Compatible with mainstream processors in the market.


Compatible with mainstream thermal developer in the market.

Run length

UV ink50,000 impressions

Ordinary  ink300,000 impressions

Baked500, 000 impressions

NoteThe run length could change as the differences of printing and imaging conditions.


Daylight handing

Shelf life

18 months, in the recommended storage conditions


Available in all standard formats 


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