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Thermal CTP Plate

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Process-free CTP Thermal Plate

Process-free CTP Thermal Plate

Elimination of process variables provides reliable, consistent and high-quality results
Robust, scratch-resistant plates provide easy handling
Printing directly from a gummed aluminum substrate provides wide printing latitude

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Product Details

Process-free Thermal CTP Plate

Bridgehead Process-free Thermal CTP plate is easy on the environment and on your wallet. It lets you benefit from one of the simplest, most reliable and predictable CtP technologies ever created. Elimination of chemical process variables (developer, replenisher and rinse water) reduces waste and the disposal costs associated with it.

Technical  specifications


non-ablative, thermal, negative plate


High quality run sheet fed, heat set web, offset packing (non UV) and   short-run UV application


Electrochemical grained and anodized aluminum substrate

Spectral sensitivity 



compatible with platesetters from major suppliers

Laser energy required




FM capability

20-micron stochastic


Run length

◆  Up to 200,000   impressions with head set /commercial cold-set web presses

◆  Up to 100,000   impressions with sheet fed presses

◆  Up to 50,000   impressions for offset packaging(non UV)

◆  Up to 30,000   impressions for UV-ink applications


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