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Thermal CTP Plate

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Processless Negative Thermal CTP Plate

Processless Negative Thermal CTP Plate

1. Environmental-friendly
2. High efficiency for plate-making
3. Stable and excellent printing performance
4. Improving competitiveness and realizing sustainable development

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Processless Negative Thermal CTP  Plate


1. Environmental-friendly

Without development processing, there is no need for developer, strong alkali, PH buffer agent, antioxidant and dispersants.As a result the pollution of chemicals doesn’t exit. The green plate-making process can be achieved.


2. High efficiency for plate-making

Shorten plate-making time by omitting processing, there is no need for processor running and maintenance while eliminating all influences because of processing variables.


3. Stable and excellent printing performance

Bridgehead Processless plates deliver the quality, productivity and print capabilities of mainstream processed plates. Not only can they satisfy the needs of commercial flat printing, but also for heat-set type and cold-set type rotary press and offset packaging, even a short- run of the UV printing.


4. Improving competitiveness and realizing sustainable development

Bridgehead Processless plates deliver reduction in operating costs and environment impact, while offering mainstream performance, quality and run length capability. All of these will become the most effective tools in the market competition, which further promote the order of enterprise management, enhance the benefits and the competitiveness of the company and realize the sustainable development of the company and environment.






Non-ablation thermal negative-type


Electrolyte graining and anodized Al substrate



Spectrum scope



Various dominant thermal platesetters in the market

Low-energy imaging


The period of latent image stabilization


Recommended screen method

1%~99%@200lpi AM/ 20u FM and mixture

The paper number of start-up

<50 sheets

Safety light

1 hour under fluorescent lamp(no direct irradiation

with natural light), 4 hours under yellow light


Processing by water

Run length

100,000 impressions, actual run length depends on
printing conditions


No reccomanded



Packing& Logistics




Unpack under day light or yellow light, it is suggested that the plate making room avoid natural light. For manual or semi-automatic plate -making equipment, when loading and unloading plates, we should avoid scratch, which may influence plate properties.  


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