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Violet CTP Plate

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Violet CTP Printing Plate

Violet CTP Printing Plate

High-resolution provides high-quality output, capturing fine details
Minimal press adjustment lowers labor costs
Lesser use of dampening solution and reduced dot gain

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Violet CTP Plate

Bridgehead Violet CTP Plate takes photopolymer plates to the next level. It is excellent at what other violet CTP plates do, which is to deliver outstanding print quality for newspapers. Moreover, Bridgehead Violet CTP Plate is the plate that fits all violet laser-diode CtP devices for the newspaper printing market, as well as in commercial printing market. It is robust and reliable on cold-set web presses, as long as you use screen rulings of at 200 lpi.


Plate type

Negative working, photopolymer-processing violet plate



Spectral sensitivity


Laser energy



2 - 98%, 1800dpi / 150lpi



Developing conditions

Temperature:26-28℃, time:25-27S,preheat temperature:110-120℃

Run length

250,000 impressions unbaked; 1,000,000 impressions baked.

Safe light


Shelf life

12months,under recommended storage conditions

Transportation and storage conditions

Store away from excessive heat and humidity, keep temperature at 18-26℃, and 30-70%RH


What is Photopolymer?

A photopolymer or light-activated resin is a polymer that changes its properties when exposed to light, often in the ultraviolet or visible region of the electromagnetic spectrum.These changes are often manifested structurally, for example hardening of the material occurs as a result of cross-linking when exposed to light. An example is shown below depicting a mixture of monomersoligomers, and photoinitiators that conform into a hardened polymeric material through a process called curing. A wide variety of technologically useful applications rely on photopolymers, for example some enamels and varnishes depend on photopolymer formulation for proper hardening upon exposure to light. In some instances, an enamel can cure in a fraction of a second when exposed to light, as opposed to thermally cured enamels which can require half an hour or longer. Curable materials are widely used for medical, printing, and photoresist technologies.

R & D Team

Bridgehead has a strong professional R&D team. Besides that, we have advanced production equipment and sophisticated testing instruments. 24 hour online testing ensures product quality.

Bridgehead has more than 30 patent products and all of our products meet a series of national standards including ISO-9001 Quality Control System Certificate.


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