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Graphic Arts Film

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  • Silver Film for PCB

    Silver Film for PCB

    he film has following features: excellent dimensional stability, good sensitivity, high developing tolerance, accurate reproduction and rapid processing in high temperature.Read More
  • Negative Graphic Arts Film

    Negative Graphic Arts Film

    It can be safe operated under the light room of print copy of the film,
    suitable for printing, dyeing, electronics and other industries to add dots and film reproduction.
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  • Diazo Film For Printing

    Diazo Film For Printing

    1) High resolution;
    2) Scratch resistance and resistance to solvent;
    3) Excellent dimension stable polyester base in thickness 7mil (0.175mm);
    4) Good durability, anti-aging performance and cost saving
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  • HN Graphic Arts Film

    HN Graphic Arts Film

    Bridgehead HN Graphic Arts Film can be safely operated under the light room for printing. It is suitable for printing, dying, elxtronics and other industries to add dots and film reproduction.Read More
  • Red Laser Recording Film

    Red Laser Recording Film

    Sharp dot, excellent image.
    High contrast and resolution; low fog and maximum density is over 4.5;
    It is suitable for rapid access at high temperature, wide exposure and developing latitude.
    Loading can be done in bright room, convenient and fast.
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  • Silver Film

    Silver Film

    Bridgehead Silver Film is specially designed for Printed Circuit Board (PCB) by Bridgehead R&D Team. It is compatible with 630-670nm He-Ne lasers and red lasers diode exposed photoplolters.Read More
  • Diazo Film

    Diazo Film

    Coating with diazo photosensitizer, based on transparent polyester film with excellent dimensional stability, Bridgehead Diazo Film is an image transfer photographic film, applied in solder resist ink and dry film process in Printed Circuit Board.Read More
  • Graphic Arts Reproduction Films

    Graphic Arts Reproduction Films

    Bridgehead Graphic Arts Reproduction Films ensure thier users effient printing operation with permanently anti-static polyester base. The film has hard dots to produce excellent image quality. It shows high density even in small dots.Read More
  • Imagesetting Film For Printing

    Imagesetting Film For Printing

    Perfect "hard dot" edge sharpness and pratical density even in the small dots
    Very wide system latitude: wide processing and exposure latitude
    Low dot shift in plate copy
    Very good batch-to-batch consistency
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