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Diazo Film For Printing

Diazo Film For Printing

1) High resolution;
2) Scratch resistance and resistance to solvent;
3) Excellent dimension stable polyester base in thickness 7mil (0.175mm);
4) Good durability, anti-aging performance and cost saving

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Diazo Film For Printing


Coating with diazo photosensitizer, based on transparent polyester film with excellent dimensional stability, Bridgehead Diazo Film is an image transfer photographic film, applied in solder resist ink and dry film process in Printed Circuit Board.



1) High resolution;

2) Scratch resistance and resistance to solvent;

3) Excellent dimension stable polyester base in thickness 7mil (0.175mm);

4) Good durability, anti-aging performance and cost saving


★Unpacking and Safe Light

The film should be unpacked and operated in yellow light or UV protected fluorescent lamp.

Be careful for damages caused by friction, folding, oil stain, fingerprint and etc.



Bridgehead Diazo Film is a special film which can transfer black and white pattern into transparent image. It is anti-corrosive and has high UV acceptance. It needs to be taken out for pretreatment 12 hours before exposure to avoid UV light and chemical gas.

Recommended light for exposure: high-pressure mercury-vapor lamp, mental halid lamp with UV light.

Spectral sensitization range: 350-430nm.

Exposure time: by testing.


★Dimension Stability

Dimension stability refers to the size of photosensitive material will change due to the change of relative humidity and temperature as well as washing.

Bridgehead Diazo Film’s polyester base. Its size will change affected by humidity and temperature.

Dimension Stability Specification:

Temperature influence: 0.00016%/℃

Humidity influence: 0.001%/%RH

Note: Due to the change of temperature and humidity, the film’s size will be stable 1 hour after exposure.



Keep the film in dry and cold environment. Storage temperature <20℃, relatively humidity:<65%.

Wet and hot environment will reduce the film shelf life and service life and increase film shrinkage.

Avoid corrosion by radioactive and other dangerous substance.


★Shelf Life

12 months

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