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Graphic Arts Film

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Graphic Arts Duplicating Film

Graphic Arts Duplicating Film

> High maximum density
> Wide exposure latitude
> Excellent image quality
> Very wide development latitude
> Highly visible safelights and outstanding resistance to room light
> Permanently anti-static polyester base
> Compatibility with different chemistries

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Graphic Arts Duplicating Film


It can be safe operated under the light room of print copy of the film, suitable for printing, dyeing, and other industries to add dots and film reproduction.


Main performance index:

Light room security: 100 W incandescent lamp, distance of 2 meters, 

exposure 60 minutes, no fog,

in the light room ( including the commonly used fluorescent tube ) for secure operation.

Fogging density ( D ): 0.04

Contrast factor ( Y ): >10.0

Maximum density: >4.0



Exposure light source with UV xenon lamp, iodine gallium lamp, etc. 

Due to the different light intensity of exposure, 

it subjects to testing to determine the exposure conditions.


Washing and processing:

Recommended Bridgehead chemicals.

Developing temperature: 20°C, 26°C-28°C, 30°C-32°C, 35°C-38°C

Developing time:   180-200s, 80-100s,   40-50s,   25-30s

Why Choose Us:

Strict QC System: We have first-class production line and strict quality management system.

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R & D Team

Bridgehead has a strong professional R&D team. Besides that, we have advanced production equipment and sophisticated testing instruments. 24 hour online testing ensures product quality.

Bridgehead has more than 30 patent products and all of our products meet a series of national standards including ISO-9001 Quality Control System Certificate.


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