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Silver Film For Printed Circuit Board (PCB)

Silver Film For Printed Circuit Board (PCB)

1)Excellent dimension stable polyester base in thickness 7mil (0.175mm);
2)Clear emulsion side to avoid holes made by polyethylene in emulsion layer;
3)High image resolution, high density;
4)Excellent line reproduction, high definition;

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Silver Film for Printed Circuit Board (PCB)


Bridgehead Silver Film is specially designed for Printed Circuit Board (PCB) by Bridgehead R&D Team. It is compatible with 630-670nm He-Ne lasers and red lasers diode exposed photoplolters. The film has following features: excellent dimensional stability, good sensitivity, high developing tolerance, accurate reproduction and rapid processing in high temperature.

Unpacking and Safe Light

The film should be unpacked and operated in dark or dark-green light. Directly exposure by dark-green light should be avoid. Keep the light as least 1.5 meters away.

Be careful for damages caused by friction, folding, oil stain, fingerprint and etc.


Recommended conditions (adjust developing time according to density)

Developing temperature

Developing temperature








Recommended Drying Temperature: 40-50℃. Better no higher than 50℃.

Note: Using circulating water while washing the film.

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