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Acrylic processing need to pay attention to bonding skills
Apr 14, 2017

1, the amount of bonding agent must be based on the specific size of the product use, excessive use of a small amount of adhesive will not be completely coated, or when the bonding agent curing shrinkage into the air and the impact of aesthetics. In addition, if the smear uneven, such as grease, dust or bubble holes caused by adhesion after leaving bubbles, can be cleaned by cleaning methods. 2, all acrylic plates are subjected to the erosion of the adhesive will leave the traces of difficult to clear, therefore, you can use sticker method to protect the parts not to adhere to 3, acrylic processing on the acrylic plate to adhere to the first, to control the indoor humidity, temperature, otherwise will affect the effect of bonding. 4, direct briefings to the adhesive surface of the edge due to the rapid volatile adhesion agent white, so that the acrylic products can not be glued to the direct blow. In addition, if the adhesive after the products by the direct sunlight for a long time will make acrylic products to varying degrees of yellowing, will seriously affect the appearance of acrylic products.