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Ctcp: an ordinary PS version of computer direct plate technology
Jul 22, 2017

CTCP belongs to the category of CTP, generally referred to as computer direct plate making machine. CTP requires the use of a special zinc plate: the CTP board; and the CTCP uses the regular PS version. CTCP works within the 360nm-450nm wavelength range, and basically you can choose any of the commonly used regular PS versions, which is the biggest difference between CTCP and CTP devices. The coating structure and production process of the CTP version is much more complicated than the PS version, CTP version of the price ratio of CTCPusing general PS version of high nearly doubled, plus the special liquid and wastewater treatment costs for the version of the CTP version, the cost is higher. Customers using CTP, the most commendable is that it is omitted from the film, made version of a series of steps to the plate, but saved the film cost because of the use of the CTP Version (version of material, medicine and wastewater treatment) of the high cost and come to nothing.

CTCP saves money! You can continue to use cheap traditional materials, continue to use the original printing equipment, and do not increase the cost of printing liquid and wastewater treatment. CTCP port open, all the PRINERGY, Agfa, Heidelberg, India, new founder elecroc, prepress workflow software can be used. At the same time, your original copy machine and other equipment can also be used as a backup, continue to use. The economy of CTCP investment is unparalleled, and it is in line with the development needs of China's pre press equipment