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CTP plate fast output tips
Feb 08, 2018

1, to maintain a suitable environment

  The surrounding environment has some influence on the CTP output system, such as temperature changes, air humidity and airborne dust content. The change of temperature is the natural enemy of the equipment. The optical system in the equipment such as the roller scanner, the imagesetting and arranging machine and the CTP direct plate making machine is susceptible to the temperature change to generate the mist, which affects the imaging. The equipment is different and the temperature requirement is also different. So CTP system temperature must remain within the standard range.

  Humidity reflects the moisture content of the air, the water content is too high, a long time machine surface is easy to embroidery, easy maintenance, resulting in CTP version of the linear output instability, high and low, affecting the CTP version quality, thus affecting the printing quality. However, if the moisture content is less than 40%, the operation of the machine is also prone to static electricity. Therefore, it is generally required to use industrial humidifiers and industrial dehumidifiers to adjust the humidity between 40% and 60%.

  Dust too easily damaged computers and plate-making equipment, such as dust can easily accumulate in the electrical equipment, circuit boards and air inlet, the impact of external temperature and humidity may instantly become a conductor, causing the circuit board short circuit. Laser imagesetter, CTP platesetter dust on the environment higher demand, part of the optical lens dust and dust falling on the inner part of the cylinder will have an impact on the platemaking quality. Therefore, it is very important to keep the floor clean, prevent the invasion of foreign dust, periodically clean the electronic equipment, and ensure that all equipment is maintained on the day.

2, to set the correct parameters

  The different set of parameters used by different plates, so you need to set the appropriate parameters according to different plate types. Now Fujitsu Edition and Agfa Media, Founder Diaolun 8600CTP platesetter, for example. Fuji plate requirements CTP platesetter energy parameters selected as 50, the development temperature of 28 ℃, the development time of 26 seconds, the preheating temperature of 90 ℃ -104 ℃, the developer replenishment capacity of 80ml; Agfa plate energy setting parameters Choose 32, the development temperature of 24 ° C, the development time of 26 seconds, the pre-heating temperature of 104 ° C-127 ° C, the developer replenishment amount of 80ml, two plate baking temperature of about 260 ° C (actual temperature) The time is 3-5 minutes, the plate is not deformed as the standard.

  CTP version in the process of using should pay attention to the following points: CTP version of the use of materials and storage conditions Temperature is 20 ℃ -25 ℃, humidity 40% -60%, because the photosensitive CTP version of the temperature and humidity more sensitive to be sure to Pay attention to the high temperature in summer, high humidity environment; the developer's life cycle of 3 weeks to a month, replace the developer cleaning the developer while replacing the developing filter; regularly check the circulation of developer, developer PH value range of 11.75- 12.25; CTP version of the output should be carefully checked before hanging net parameter settings, such as the number of hanging wire, the output resolution, the appropriate choice of linearization, the corresponding printing compensation, etc .; regular use of plate detector output test version of the CTP test strip , To see if the output linearity is beyond the error range, beyond the time to be adjusted.