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CTP version of Domestic demand
Apr 14, 2017

CTP technology after years of development, technology and quality of maturing, is currently in a large-scale installation and popularization stage. Inkjet CTP Seihan and traditional Seihan technology, eliminating the film, artificial imposition, drying, repair dirty, etc., the entire prepress process is digitized process, improve the speed and quality, eliminating the film price, the real realization of reducing costs. However, a suitable CTP system should be based on the characteristics of packaging printing, packaging printing enterprises can be a series of problems to meet the needs of packaging printing enterprises. CTP technology into the packaging printing enterprises, need to solve the following problems: Packaging prepress Customer Document inspection, as well as the spelling and trapping: For external customer files, because of complex and diverse production software version and a variety of processing effects, will give prepress output error opportunities, need process system with a variety of error checking mechanism, the likelihood of errors and the loss of enterprises to minimize. The traditional process compatibility with CTF.