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CTP version of the precautions
Feb 08, 2018

1. To maintain the indoor environment fluctuations

       Reflect daily CTP job room temperature and humidity conditions. Temperature should be 24 ~ 26 ℃, humidity should be 40% to 70%. Indoor humidification dehumidifier should be equipped to facilitate the conditioning humidity. The southern summer temperature is low, air conditioning should be open 24 hours, so that the indoor and outdoor day and night to maintain appropriate temperature and humidity. If the indoor humidity is sufficient, but the medicine is too heavy, you can open the exhaust fan. Mop the floor with a wet mop every morning. If conditions allow, into the CTP operating room should be replaced with clean slippers, after entering the door to be readily closed, non-CTP operators to restrict access to insist on indoor temperature and humidity and dust.

2. The correct switch

       Boot before the CTP version should reflect on whether there are any debris, the power line and the water connection is correct. After boot, introspection UPS, air compressor and other equipment can start normally, the plate-type machine self-test is normal. Boot, pay attention to the boot sequence, you should first turn on the computer host power, the host starts after the completion, and then open CTP, to ensure the normal computer and CTP communications. When you shut down, turn off CTP in the CTP control sequence in your computer, and then turn off the power to the computer.

3. Calibration plate linearization

       Make plate linear calibration, be careful not to maintain the glue, otherwise measured network value will be slightly larger than the value of practice outlets.

4. Reflect the pipeline

       Should confirm the maintenance of plastic and developer to fill the liquid level in the barrel is normal, due to lack of liquid, the system will not alarm. Open the imprinter cover, press the forced into the version button, start the sprinkler spray, spray to see whether the normal spray water (if there is pressurized pump, pressure pump should confirm the normal task). At the same time reflect whether water spray holes drip or infarction, if found infarct, available paper dredging. However, the operation should pay attention to safety, to prevent roller folder. Spray tank discharge valve to open, insist boring.

5. Let the equipment reach the best shape

       After turning on the machine every day, when the development temperature of the processor is appropriate, a waste version should be flushed first, or the printer must be forced to work for a while so that the developer liquid can be mixed evenly. When printing on the map plate, try to enter the black version and the brown version (for line printing), to be fully developed liquid medicine developed, and then enter the blue and green version (for dot printing), is conducive to dot reproduction.

6. Proper access to the plate

       CTP version should be deposited in the dull and cold place, storage temperature is 5 ~ 30 ℃, humidity is not more than 55%, pay attention to anti-moisture, anti-extrusion, anti-acid. Under normal conditions, the plate should be slanted in the wall or on the version of the shelf. Take the plate, it should be extracted from the first one, and put the back of the film with the film taken out together, put the plate on the board on the stage, and then remove the liner, so you can avoid fingerprints printed on the plate Appearance. Plate to gently, do not want to curl, to prevent the indentation plate part of the uneven, affecting the exposure effect. Be careful not to put two plates at the same time into the CTP. Although the thermal plate is not sensitive to ordinary light sources, but in order to avoid accident, but also should pay attention to avoid the indirect exposure of sunlight and fluorescent lamps in the process of using.

7. Do a good job introspection

       Periodically open the washing machine cover, reflect on the imaging roller can be dirty or crystalline material, if necessary, should stop cleaning. About the crystallization tank in the developing tank can be removed into the sink, with a mixture of oxalic acid and water soak for a very long time, then scrub with water. Other rollers can only be washed with water. If you do not work long hours of equipment, should develop the liquid and maintenance of plastic discharge, and then thoroughly clean the equipment with water. It is noteworthy that, it is best to turn on some water to clean the hose for cleaning, otherwise there can be due to maintenance glue dry and cause the rubber tube infarction.

8. Reflect the layout

       The quality requirements of the CTP version of the developed layout are as follows: the layout can not be scratched and dirty; the layout should be full of development; layout sets of printed lines and angle lines to be complete, if missing, should promptly take remedial measures; Diao mouth position should be correct.