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CTP version scratch problem
Sep 03, 2018

CTP version scratch problem

Since the coating amount of the CTP plate material is basically about 1.6g/m2, there is no conventional film thickness, and most of them have no special protective layer, so the scratch resistance is worse than that of the conventional version. Therefore, In use, you should pay more attention to the standard operation. Many times, the user does not pay attention to the operation when using it. For example, when the version is taken, the plate is directly taken out from the box, instead of taking out the box together with the liner, and the layout is injured and scratched. It is not visible before development, and it is not easy to find after development. When it is found on the machine, it has been wasted a lot of manpower and material resources.

Here are some points for your reference:

1. Scratch of the plate - very small white line, the position is not fixed, easy to find in the field, usually about 1 ~ 4 cm, most of the middle section of the plate, because this is just rubbing with the box, easy Causes scratches. The solution is to take out the liner together, or take the whole package out of the box and put it on the plate to avoid pulling.

2. Scratch into the plate - also a small white line, but the position is relatively fixed. Different machines take place in different parts, basically caused by the friction with the plate. Due to the stiffness, the small version (below 900) is more prone to such failure. The solution is very simple. Cover the plate and the plate contact with a transparent tape.

3. Scratch-type scratches - If you don't pay attention to the cleaning and maintenance of the developing machine, there will be crystals on the rubber roller. These crystals will leave very short scratches on the surface, and sometimes there are sometimes, sometimes . The solution is to work hard and clean the processor every week (up to two weeks).