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Fespa Berlin 2018 Become a cut above the rest
May 21, 2018

Fespa Berlin 2018 Become a cut above the rest

The swiftest hours, as they flew, as Shakespeare would say. Its almost time for Fespa again! And as the largest event for the wide format print industry is approaching swiftly, Summa cant wait to show you their newest developments, innovations and features.

Beside their usual arsenal of finishing cutting systems and their newest size of flatbed, the F1832, Summa will also be demonstrating following new features and possibilities:
Poster Trim, ensuring posters can be trimmed without the need to retrieve the cut file via SummaFlex Pro
Operator Zone, enabling to divide the F Series working area into 2 zones: a cut zone and an operator zone
Continuous Sheet Feed, enabling to transport material from the loading area to the working area automatically
SummaFlex Pro 2, featuring an optional material database, which automatically recognizes the chosen material, tools and parameters.
G-Performance, featuring Summa’s S2 cutting plotters and boosting performance and cutting accuracy up to industrial levels.
These features were designed to add to the user-friendliness of the F Series or S Class 2 Series, to optimize your workflow even more and to enhance the overall Summa experience to the next level.
These features and many more will be showcased during the show on different sorts of substrates, such as aluminum composite sheet, foam board, wallpaper, honeycomb board, corrugated cardboard, pvc…Offering the ultimate in versatility, the F Series’ tools deliver power, speed and accuracy to handle any kind of substrate. The numerous applications arising from these cutting processes will be photo frames, packaging (boxes), bibs, banners, diorama’s, posters, etc.
The protagonists in this Fespa Berlin story will be Summa’s F1612 flatbed finishing system, as well as Summa’s latest addition to the F Series, the F1832.
Of course, also Summa’s renowned vinyl and contour cutters will be present, ready to perform and blow you away with a true sticker funfair and out-of-the box designs, cut from flock material.