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Four Kinds of Meaning of CTP in Printing
Jul 04, 2017

In the printing field, CTP contains the following four meanings:

(1) Computer to Plate: from the computer directly to the plate, that is, people often say "offline plate".

It was first developed by the camera directly from the plate. All plate-making equipment is the use of computer-controlled laser scanning imaging, and then through the development, fixing and other processes into a plate. This technology makes the text, the image into a number, eliminating the film medium medium, reducing the quality of the intermediate process loss and material consumption.

(2) Computer to Press: from the computer directly to the press, that is, people often say "in the machine plate."

It is the plate installed in the digital printing press on the drum, and then through the computer-controlled laser beam, the graphic information directly to the printing plate, and then boot printed. At present this plate can record graphics, but can not wipe, can only be used once.

(3) Computer to Paper / Print: from the computer directly to the paper or print.

Computer to Paper is equivalent to inkjet printing, that is, through the computer control inkjet head, the tiny ink droplets directly on the paper, the formation of graphic information.

Computer to Print equivalent to the computer-controlled laser beam will be directly to the graphic information output to the "plate", you can boot printing.

(4) Computer to Proof: from the computer directly to the proofs, that is, digital proofing.

Digital proofing is an important part of the pre-press field in the process of data control. Its purpose is to test the quality of printed matter and the degree of confirmation of the printing effect. Due to the low price, high efficiency, digital proofing is gradually replacing part of the traditional analog proofing.

Under normal circumstances, CTP technology is more computer-to-plate (Computer to Plate) technology.