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Free treatment of CTP plates
Sep 09, 2017

Without treatment of CTP plate was first launched by Japan's Asahi company. Broadly speaking, refers to the plate in the plate exposure device after imaging, without any further processing, can be printed, of course without chemical development, washing, processing plate is free of the true significance; in a narrow sense, refers to the plate exposure in CTP imaging without chemical treatment, but will still have the individual non chemical treatment process, cleaning and coating protection glue such as processing such as plate ablation scraps. From plate to plate method, the free plate can be divided into two categories: for DI (direct printing machine, printing machine), printing press free plate and exposure in CTP direct plate machine imaging plate.

Features of free plate

(1) treatment free plate compared with the traditional CTP plate, steps of developing and fixing, cleaning, drying, glue is saved, shorten the cycle to reduce the number of energy plate, exposure time, reducing the overall process cost, improve production efficiency, simplify the production process.

(2) the treatment free plate without chemical development, washing and so on, so the processless CTP plate making process will not damage the environment, such as chemical waste gas and waste residue, reduce the pollution of the environment, but also in the printing operation workers is beneficial.

(3) the change of the plate washing condition, the change of laser energy and the concentration of the washing liquid, without the need of washing free plate, can make it have higher quality stability.

(4) the free plate material does not need the chemical development processing device, saves the workshop space, is a big advantage for the small company, but the free processing plate material is higher than the conventional CTP plate material price.

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