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Heat-sensitive CTP plate
Apr 14, 2017

It is now mainly hot melt solution and heat-crosslinking two types. Thermal CTP Plate Characteristics: (1) Thermal CTP plates to the natural light of low sensitivity to the use of infrared laser exposure, so can be in the condition of the operation. (2) Heat-sensitive plates to generate images, must reach the initial thermal threshold, and higher than the initial threshold of the thermal energy does not change the dot shape, is the only control of the predicted results of the technology, quality control, publishing quality is stable, and the release of the plates can be extended to 6 months after the development of the quality of the plates will not have the slightest impact. (3) The dot reproduction of heat-sensitive plates good, the resolution high and the edge of the dot sharp clear, printing easy to reach the balance of ink, has a good printability, and after the version of the baking plates can be more than 1 million printing.