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Heat sensitive CTP plate
Sep 09, 2017

There are many types of heat sensitive CTP plates, but there are two kinds of mature types at present. They are heat fusion type and heat crosslinking type.

The hot melt solution CTP plate mainly consists of three parts: aluminum plate which is not need to be roughened, ink layer and PVA layer (conventional offset printing) or silica gel (waterless offset printing). Its imaging principle is the use of semiconductor laser diode exposure. The thermal coating (i.e., the ink layer) on the base plate is pro ink and insoluble in alkaline solution. After exposure, the coating absorbs energy, increases solubility, and dissolves in alkaline solution. When exposed, the exposed portion is dissolved in the alkaline solution to form a blank portion of the printing plate. The non exposed part is not dissolved, forming the graphic part of the printing plate. After development, usually after cleaning and gluing, and then printing on the machine.

The heat crosslinked CTP plate is mainly composed of a coarse aluminum plate and a single layer of PS photosensitive layer. The imaging principle is infrared exposure. When exposing the photothermal conversion material to infrared laser light is converted into heat energy, so that part of the photosensitive layer in polymer thermal crosslinking reaction, the formation of latent image; then heating, make molecular compounds and part of the further cross-linking reaction, in order to make the text part in alkaline developer is not dissolved. It is important to note that when preheated, the blank part also takes part in the reaction, so when developing, remove the blank part of the image. If the temperature is too high, a hot mist will form on the plate; if the temperature is too low, it will weaken or weaken the part of the picture and text.

Characteristics of heat sensitive CTP plate

(1) the thermal CTP plate is very sensitive to natural light and is exposed to infrared laser, so it can be operated under the condition of bright room.

(2) sensitive plate to generate images, must reach the initial energy threshold, and higher than the threshold energy will not change the dot shape, it can predict the results of the control technology, easy to control quality, publication quality is stable, and after the exposure of the plates can be extended to 6 months after developing, the slightest effect the quality of not on the plate.

(3) thermal CTP plate dot reproducibility, high resolution, dot edge sharp and clear, easy to reach the balance of water and ink printing, with good printability, and the baked version of the plate plates up to 100 more than million.

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