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How to reduce the wastage rates of CTP plate?
Apr 20, 2018

How to reduce the wastage rates of CTP plate?

Due to aim of fast speed printing of newspaper industry, the inevitable problem of wasting the plate will appear in the printing process. So we have to think out some ways to solve the urgent problems.

Tending the equipment of CTP

It is necessary that maintain the equipment carefully per day, or per week, in a strict tending plan, to make sure that the equipment can work steadily. Regularly clean CTP equipment laser light path; Clean and replace the filter core of the developing machine. For the dirty floating on the plate, can use water to clean first to protect glue, then use a small brush dipped a little developer concentrate light tracing in floating dirty place, and a quick wipe with water, repeated many times, can be removed, and then rub on protecting glue can Pay attention to the developer concentrate on plate must stay time is short, or you will hurt the surrounding small network

Storing CTP correctly

The environment of storing CTP plate need to sustain in a stable humidity. It should be aware of piling up smoothly. Otherwise stacked shelves sometimes deform under gravity when the weight plate is too heavy. The deformation of the plate is often used in the press release machine is stuck, resulting in the waste version, in serious time can even damage the machine's rubber roller. The CTP plates of different batches should be stored separately, so as to avoid mixing or causing the expiration of CTP plates. In addition, also pay attention to stacking order, new edition material in, old edition material outside. It is required that the operator should wear clean working gloves when taking the CTP plate, and the plate must be protected from folding and exposure during the delivery process. 

Keeping CTP working environment clean

Ensure that the working environment of CTP is clean, and the ambient temperature of the dust is controlled at 22~25, and the humidity is controlled between 50% and 70%.