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Kodak XD
Apr 14, 2017

1, Electra XD printing plate in pre-press and printing process has excellent performance, no need to bake version can be long printing. This printing plate shows high stability and latitude in imaging, flushing and printing. Exclusive patented polymer design ensures that the printing plates are printed on the printing presses and the ultra high stability of the dot, whenever they can achieve superior color control and precise reproduction. 2, Electra XD Printing plate can achieve sharp details and ultra high stability, suitable for the long version of amplitude modulation and FM printing, reduce the network and wear caused by repeated Seihan and change edition, to maximize the printing capacity, without preheating, rapid imaging and flushing, to maximize the production of prepress plate machine capacity is a long-quality commercial printing and publishers ideal choice. 3, Electra xd Thermal printing plate with most of the alcohol version of the system compatible with a good corrosion resistance to printing chemicals, in ensuring the printing high latitude, while minimizing the waste of paper and ink. Good printing chemical corrosion resistance and high-imprint Electra XD Printing plate only in the very challenging printing environment, such as UV printing inks, rough printing paper, different printing chemicals conditions, ultra long printed version.