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Main evaluation indexes of CTP plate
Jan 12, 2018

(1) network reproduction. Dot is the basis of printing and duplicating picture and text information. The quality of printing plate will directly affect the quality of printed dots, and then affect the reproduction of printing process. Therefore, it is very important to choose plates with good reproducibility.

The web site of CTP is the same as the traditional PS version, which is also made up of sand. CTP plate to reach 1% ~ 99% of the dot reproduction, grain base must be small enough, because the grain is finer, support high light sand mesh network more outlets is strong, the possibility of printing off version is smaller. But the grain outlets and not too small, ink balance grain meticulous plate in printing tolerance is small, is not conducive to control the quality of printing.

(2) line reproduction. The ability to reproduce the lines of the plate usually contains two aspects, the reappearance of the very fine lines and the size of the Yin and Yang lines. The reproduction of fine lines is closely related to the size of sand, especially the uniformity of sand purposes, because only the edges of evenly distributed sand braces can be smooth. The size of the Yin and Yang line is mainly determined by the thickness of the coating material. We can change through the adjacent sun on the printing plate on the line and line to line.

(3) pro ink sex. The plate of the pro ink is a kind of characteristic plate graphic part through the ink roller selection ink, printing ink thickness will directly affect the thickness of the ink on the blanket and paper, and ink to the printing plate transfer amount depends on the level of printing ink. If the print and text part of the ink is low, the less the amount of ink is controlled in the whole printing, the less the quality of the product. Moreover, the pro poor ink printing, residual ink can accumulate in the ink roller, the ink roller ink film is thickened, both ends of the accumulated ink too much, resulting in ink, while reducing ink covering power. Therefore, the CTP plate with good pro ink performance is very important.

To improve the ink affinity of CTP plate, the photosensitive materials in printing and printing part should have similar chemical characteristics with pigment, resin and solvent in ink.

(4) hydrophilicity. The hydrophilicity of the plate refers to the selection of the water to keep the water on the non graphic part of the plate. The amount of water in printing can't be too much or too little. Too little, no imprinting part is easy to clear; too much, prone to blot the take-up rate, dim and dark, paper deformation, misregister condition. At present, the main substrate of CTP plate is aluminum, which is hydrophilic, and the surface is processed by grinding. After anodic oxidation coating treatment, the porous surface is formed, which enhances the total surface area, and ultimately improves the hydrophilic property.

In addition, the factors that affect the properties of CTP plates are the resolution of the plate, the resistance to printing, the degree, the sensitivity, the size and the uniformity of the coating.

In a word, with the development of technology of CTP plate and CTP plate to continuously improve the performance of CTP plate, the advantages of digital workflow emerge constantly, constantly improve, and constantly improve the printing quality requirements, we have reason to believe that the CTP plate will have more broad prospects for development.