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Make perfect prints
Aug 14, 2018

Make perfect prints

Pay attention to the observation sample

1 Sampling inspection in printing. Shortly after entering the official printing, the amount of ink supplied and the amount of water that is determined at the time of printing will change somewhat. It should be frequently sampled and re-adjusted. When the printing speed remains the same, and the ink supply amount and the water supply amount are all in a stable state, the sampling inspection is performed at a ratio of 500 to 1000 sheets/time per print.

2 Clip the warning tape. In official printing, as a symbol, a slender warning strip should be inserted as a symbol to facilitate the inspection in the post-process.

Pay attention to changes in water

1 Pay attention to the change in water supply at the beginning of official printing. The amount of water applied during the trial printing and the amount of water entering the official printing will change somewhat. It is important to pay attention to the presence or absence of ghosting and water scorpion while paying attention to mediating the water supply of the printing plate.

2 Pay attention to the change of water in the formal printing process. Pay close attention to the heat generated by the main body of the machine and the influence of the ventilation condition in the workshop on the water supply. The alcohol dampening plate should pay attention to the dampening system cooling device, control the temperature of the dampening liquid, and the water is too small, which will make the printing plate dirty. Excessive water will cause the ink to emulsifie, which will bring a series of problems. For example, the print is dull, the paper is stretched and the overprint is not allowed, and the drying of the ink is delayed.

Pay attention to changes in ink

1 Pay attention to the ink of the ink fountain. The ink of the ink fountain is transmitted from the gap between the ink fountain roller and the ink fountain blade, and is naturally extruded by the self weight of the ink. Therefore, the amount of ink in the ink fountain directly affects the output of the ink. Therefore, pay attention to keep a certain amount of ink in the ink fountain. In addition, printing inks have thixotropic properties. When placed in the ink fountain for a long time, the fluidity will gradually deteriorate. Therefore, the ink knife is often used to stir in the ink fountain, or an ink agitator is installed.

2 Prevent the ink from drying on the machine. When the machine is stopped for a long time, such as eating or resting, the ink on the ink roller and the surface of the ink in the ink fountain are dried. A dry inhibitor can be sprayed on where it is desired to prevent dryness.

3 Note that the ink is uniform, and the density of the printed matter changes depending on the amount of water, room temperature, and machine speed. It should always be checked against the standard proofs. Take care to prevent uneven ink.

4 Keep the pH value of the dampening solution. After adding the auxiliary agent to the ink, it will easily affect the pH value of the dampening solution. If the pH value increases, the plate will be dirty, so pay special attention.