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Method of blending dark ink in printing
Aug 01, 2018

Method of blending dark ink in printing

        Formulated with dark-colored inks, only dark inks, and inks that are rarely used with a thinner are called dark inks. The deployment process is:

        1. According to the color of the color original, the ratio of the primary color to the secondary color can be determined according to the percentage on the color standard.

        2. The number of printing to determine the weight of the blended ink, the proportion of the primary and secondary inks of the ink-adjusted ink, the varnish, the ink model, the quantity, and the manufacturer are registered in detail.

        3. According to the theory of subtractive color method, the type of primary color ink should be used as little as possible during the ink adjustment. The color that can be adjusted by the two original inks is preferably not adjusted by three primary color inks, avoiding the use of the original color inks and reducing the ink. The transparency affects the vivid color of the product.

        4. When adjusting the dark ink, one should refer to the matching ratio on the color standard. The second is to first debug with a small amount of primary color ink, and the ink color of the prepared ink reaches the requirements of the color draft, and then the ink is adjusted in large quantities.

        5. Matching dark-colored inks, sometimes it is necessary to add a small amount of black ink to achieve the desired color effect.