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National Printing Machinery Standardization Annual Meeting
Jul 26, 2018

National Printing Machinery Standardization Annual Meeting

From October 25th to 26th, 2017, the “2017 National Printing Machinery Standardization Annual Conference and Quality and Standardization Forum” was successfully held in Xiamen Harbour Hotel, with printing industry associations, universities, research institutes, testing institutions and enterprises from all over the country. More than 90 representatives attended the meeting.


At the meeting, Prof. Wang Yiming, Executive Deputy Director of the National Printing Machinery Quality Supervision and Inspection Center, and Prof. Li Yan from Beijing Printing College were invited to participate in the seminar entitled Printing Machinery Quality Appraisal and Patent Dispute Case Analysisand TRIZ Theory in Printing Machinery Innovation Design. The special lectures on "Applications and Case Sharing" were well received.


After the standard review meeting, the Secretariat of the Standardization Committee organized five industry standards "web multi-note printing machine", "flat letterpress printing machine", "surface letter offset printing machine", "printing machine flip three-dimensional box forming machine" "," "Printing machinery glue box machine" drafting team work start meeting. At the meeting, the Secretariat introduced the background and meaning of the standard project, the standard content framework and the work plan to the drafting team members, and sought the opinions of the drafting team members to complete the division of tasks for the standard preparation tasks.


This annual meeting lasted two days. With the active cooperation of all the committee members, industry experts and enterprise standardization technicians, the established agenda of the annual meeting was completed and it was a complete success. In the new year, let us build consensus, bring together wisdom, and make new contributions to the realization of "China's creation, China's quality, and Chinese brand."