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Pay attention to these issues during the plate making process
Aug 09, 2018

Pay attention to these issues during the plate making process

Local network unevenness

If the plate is found to have thin lines, uneven dots, or dot problems in a circle, after printing or printing on the machine, it is likely that the surface of the plate roller has dust and residual glue. The degumming is very serious, the residual glue remains on the surface of the drum, and other impurity particles, which causes the flexographic printing plate to not completely conform to the roller. The quality of the printing plate corresponding to the place where the foreign particles are present may cause quality problems.

This problem arises from the fact that daily maintenance is not in place and the working habits of the plate-making workers are problematic. First, wipe the roller regularly. Before the upper plate, you should wipe the surface of the roller and the back of the plate with a clean, lint-free, non-filamented silk cloth and a little neutral detergent.

In addition, when cutting the flexo plate, make sure that there are no foreign particles on the platen to prevent impurities from sticking to the back of the plate. In short, the above problems can be avoided by doing routine maintenance and careful operation.

Virtual side at the beginning or end of the print

The virtual side of the plate head and the end of the plate (offset plate) may be the head clip, the end clip is loose, or the vacuum is not enough.

First of all, it is necessary to detect whether the clip can complete the upper and lower clamping action and whether the clamping is reliable. If the plate factor is excluded and it is confirmed that the vacuum is not dense, open the vacuum, check whether the suction pipe is leaking, whether the interface is loose, whether the nozzle is blocked, whether the suction hole on the drum is blocked or not. Eliminating such problems also requires strengthening routine maintenance.

CTP device communication is abnormal

The communication abnormality of the CTP device mainly manifests that the software page on the screen becomes gray, the communication port cannot be connected, the transmission graphic file is blocked, and the network cannot be connected. Most of the cases are caused by insufficient network speed or loose transmission line.

In case of this problem, first check whether the emergency stop switch is reset; after pulling up the emergency stop switch, check whether the network cable and communication cable are tightly inserted, and whether the contact is secure; other faults should be excluded by professional maintenance personnel.

When the equipment is installed, the cable and the communication line are protected by the cable trough, which prevents the person from walking or stepping on it or causing it to be worn off. In addition, the main box can be placed in a suitable position to reduce the chances of the network cable and communication line being dropped.