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Photopolymerization type CTP plate
Sep 09, 2017

The photopolymerization of CTP plates is mainly composed of a mesh of aluminum base, photosensitive layer and protective layer is composed of three parts, wherein the photosensitive layer is mainly composed of film-forming resin, sensitizing dyes, photo initiator, monomer or oligomer, stabilizer and other additives. The protective layer is an oxygen barrier of polyvinyl alcohol, which is mainly used to block the inhibition of oxygen on monomers or oligomers. The imaging principle, plate after laser scanning, see dye sensitization light photosensitive layer portion of the first absorption photon energy become excited, and then transfer energy to light initiator, initiator decomposition of the formation of free radicals, free radical polymerization of monomer or oligomer polymerization and curing, the formation of the graphic part. The part of the light that develops without removal and forms a blank part. It should be noted that, in the development of the first, should be the first part of the protection layer without washing off, and then alkaline development solution, high sensitivity of the polymer layer, the development is completed, with a brush to completely remove the protective layer. Finally, the resin solution is used to flush the page, and the synthetic resin not only improves the hydrophilicity of the blank part, but also enhances the lipophilicity of the part of the picture and text, and prints after drying.

Characteristics of photo polymerized CTP plate

(1) the photosensitive layer of the photopolymerization type CTP plate is very thin, the image part and the blank part are basically in the same plane, and belong to the traditional offset type, and have higher sensitivity, and the plate making speed is fast.

(2) photopolymerization developer CTP plate is used in alkaline, and the photosensitive layer of film forming resin and monomer or oligomer has certain acid, can be dissolved in alkaline solution by removing alkaline developer and developing, little pollution, is conducive to environmental protection.

(3) the photopolymerization of CTP plates can be used violet laser diode (410nm), argon ion laser (488nm), FDYAG (532nm) laser, infrared laser diode (830nm) plates of different light source, low cost, and the photopolymerization of CTP plates by baked version plates up to more than 100 million.

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