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Printing attention
Aug 16, 2018

Printing attention

Note that the back is dirty

The back surface is dirty because the ink is slowly dried, the ink layer is too thick, and the smoothness of the paper is high, so that the ink on the surface of the sheet sticks to the back side of the previous sheet.

Pay attention to ghosting failure

The so-called ghosting is the misalignment of the image printed with a plate, and the double and triple images can be seen on the printed sheet. There are many reasons for ghosting, such as paper, fangs, rollers, blankets, printing speed, ink viscosity and other factors are very complicated. The following methods can be used to check the cause and handle it.

1 Printing twice, observe the overprinting accuracy, check and adjust the paper feeding force of the side gauge, paper feeding, pressure roller and paper pressing machine.

2 Check the tension of the blanket, the new blanket is easy to loosen, pay attention to the tightening, but not too tight.

3 Check the roller liner and printing pressure.

4 Check the paper suitability. The paper has poor fit, especially in paper that is wavy at the mouth of the mouth. It is prone to ghosting, so check it.

5 reduce the viscosity of the ink. The viscosity of the ink is high, and the paper cannot smoothly peel off the blanket, which makes the tip of the paper unstable, resulting in ghosting. The viscosity of the ink can be appropriately lowered.

6 adjustment of the tooth. Poor adjustment and improper maintenance of tooth decay is a major cause of ghosting. Therefore, the adjustment and maintenance inspection of the cavities should be done regularly so that they can always maintain a good working condition.

Pay attention to check the overprinting situation

Remove 20~30 prints in succession, and then pry open the paper edge to check whether the front gauge and side gauge are positioned accurately (two overprint inspections can be performed).