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Printing precautions
Aug 20, 2018

Printing precautions

Pay attention to other work

1 ink replenishment, agitation and replenishment of the wetting fluid.

2 remove dirty work. Since the ink residue, paper powder, paper wool and the like are adsorbed on the printing plate or the blanket and reflected on the paper, it is necessary to remove the dirt. In addition to dirty work, it should be stopped. Unless there is a device that can remove dirt during operation. It is absolutely forbidden to remove dirt directly during operation by hand.

3 cleaning blankets, wiping and gluing operations. When the ink, paper powder, and powder powder are accumulated on the blanket to affect the transfer of the ink, the blanket must be stopped for cleaning, and safety should be taken during operation. Wiping and gluing should also be safe.

4 Pay attention to the abnormal phenomenon of the printing machine. Pay attention to the sound, heat, vibration, smell, etc. when the machine is running. Always check the ammeter to keep an eye on the abnormality of the press.

Pay attention to confirm the number of prints

At the end of the printing, it should be confirmed whether the number of prints matches the production construction order. If there are any missing copies that need to be printed, the production management personnel should be notified and the replacement printing should be arranged in time.