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Silver type CTP plate
Sep 09, 2017

Silver type CTP plate includes a silver salt diffusion transfer version and the PS version of silver salt and two types of composite plate.

The silver diffusion transfer edition version of the base, mainly composed of silver halide emulsion layer and the physical layer developing nucleus. It is used in diffusion transfer imaging, laser scanning principle is the exposure of the silver halide version, in the developer solution containing silver halide solvent, Ag+ and silver halide solvent complexation spread to the image receiving layer, reduced to metallic silver in the catalysis of physical developing nuclei, deposited on the surface is formed on the surface of silver image. After imaging, after washing to remove the silver halide emulsion layer surface, revealing non image area of the hydrophilic sand and image area, in the sense of fat liquid, selective adsorption deposition on the silver surface through a long aliphatic chain mercapto organic molecules, the image area of oil. The deposition of silver image began to accept and reject water ink, rather than part of the image (no silver deposition) still repelled ink, so as to achieve the purpose of ctp.

The silver and PS version of composite plate is mainly composed of high sensitivity of the silver halide emulsion layer and the wide range of color sensitive PS plate compounded. On the base of coarsening and anodizing, the photosensitive photosensitive polymer layer, the bonding layer and the silver halide emulsion layer are coated successively. The imaging principle is, first on a silver layer exposed by laser, graphic silver image is formed in the resin layer, a photosensitive layer can protect the below two times the exposure of the photosensitive. After one development, the non exposed portion of the emulsion is dissolved and then subjected to a two exposure, i.e., the entire page is exposed with UV light. The graphic layer on the light had played the role of UV, so only for non graphic part of the light decomposition of photosensitive resin layer is exposed, the resin layer two developer, two exposure was dissolved, with alumina base, the last version with solid solution on the silver layer like feeling fat treatment can be.

The characteristics of silver type CTP plate

(1) silver type CTP plate has higher sensitivity.

Can reach 1~3 Jcm2, that is, the use of low output power, less strength, low intensity laser, but also to achieve high-speed plate output. And the speed of light silver type CTP plate, CTP plate is currently the fastest in photographic plate.

(2) for a wide range of silver type CTP plate.

Red laser, green laser and purple laser system can be adopted. The washing method and post-processing process are the same as those of traditional method, and the CTP plate of different manufacturers is compatible with the formula of chemical solution.

(3) silver type CTP plate with high resolution, wide spectral response and dot reproduction characteristics of good.

The screen line number line up to 300 inches, the network coverage rate is 1% ~ 99%, excellent quality of printing plates, up to 25 more than million, more suitable for large volume and high quality printing.

(4) the silver type CTP plate using expensive silver as raw material.

The production cost is increased to a certain extent, and the silver type CTP plate cannot operate in the next room, and bring some limitations to save plate.

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