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Stability, low price and practicality are the developing directions of CTP
Nov 16, 2017

Today, CTP has become well known to printers, CTP has the advantages of domestic printing is also understood that the domestic printing machinery manufacturers have more investment in CTP equipment. Stable, low-cost, practical CTP equipment manufacturers should be the next step in the development direction for the following reasons.

From the device performance:

CTP has been in production for more than 15 years since its introduction at Drupa in 1995. With the advances in technology, the speed of printing equipment has been increasing day by day. The products have been very mature. The plates used by CTP have also evolved from the original silver salt version to the current thermal and photosensitive versions and are moving further toward environmentally friendly, flush-free versions.

CTP equipment is popularized and used in our country for nearly 35 years. As the use of the expansion, combined with most of the plate production have been carried out in the country, so the plate prices fell faster, which is to expand the scope of the use of CTP has made it possible. Even so, as of 2009, China's CTP plate still exports more than domestic self-consumption.

CTP equipment is gradually promoted, the domestic printing equipment manufacturers began to invest in the production of CTP equipment, domestic brands have reached more than a dozen, such as the launch of Diao Electronics CTP CTP, Corey Hangzhou Cree launched CTP belongs to One of the best. The introduction of the domestic independent brands to promote the CTP equipment prices lower, by virtue of the price advantage, the domestic market share of equipment is also growing. But also to see that the core of the CTP device, the laser head, has so far relied on imports.

From the application object to see:

Domestic newspaper companies and large book printing companies, especially those in the Pearl River Delta region engaged in overseas book printing, can be said to be the first to use CTP equipment. Because newspapers emphasize the speed at which they report, the chances of a book being reprinted are relatively low, and the use of CTP helps to increase the productivity of printing equipment and the accuracy of overprinting. It is the pioneering use of these enterprises that gradually allowed publishers to take digital proofing out of their dependence on film and traditional proofing and to get rid of the ever-increasing dilemma in the production floor occupied by the film library.

The advantages of using CTP equipment for more and more enterprises to understand, coupled with the declining price of equipment and plate prices, increasing the quality of the plate, more companies to get rid of the traditional, to buy CTP equipment, the use of CTP plate ranks In this, including many of which are relatively high probability of reprinting, but the relative abundance of funds for packaging and printing companies.

CTP equipment in large print companies have been widely used to further expand the protagonist of the CTP market is a large number of small and medium sized printing companies. For them, printing equipment is not too much, the use of plates is not large, the traditional drying process to meet their basic production requirements, even if the customer requires the use of CTP printing plate, they can also seek out a film Center to help solve the problem of the plate. Therefore, under the premise of stable quality, further reducing the market price of CTP equipment, increasing the cost performance of CTP equipment, and meeting the economic and practical requirements of SMEs have become an important direction for equipment manufacturers to expand their markets.

Stressed the quality of stability, because lower equipment sales price can not be reduced to the quality of the printing plate based. CTP has been able to gradually capture the market, the plate out of its high quality is the key factor. With CTP equipment out of the plate, easy registration when on the plate, saving the time to wipe off the plate is easy to stained with dirty, less network loss and so on. Obviously, these benefits of CTP equipment should be fully preserved in an effort to reduce equipment production costs. However, some of the less frequently used, only professional production will only need to be able to function properly reduced, without having to become the basic configuration of the device.

Emphasizes that the low price is because at present, the imported hardware of CTP equipment and the necessary softwares are generally sold in excess of one million yuan, which is nearly ten times the selling price of traditional plate-making machines, Not too many SMBs are a bit daunting, although they know that using CTP devices has many benefits for improving product quality. If the CTP equipment can further effectively reduce the selling price under the premise of ensuring the quality of the printing plate, it is naturally more attractive to a large number of small and medium-sized printing enterprises to make them feel able to afford and be assured.

Emphasize economic and practical, because with the newspaper printing press emphasizes the speed of different plates, for SMEs, the speed of the plate is not the first purchase of CTP equipment requirements. Because fewer printing equipment, these companies a limited daily total of the plate, not very concerned about the equipment out of the plate speed, for which reason, the appropriate reduction of infrared laser scanning head, reducing the speed of the plate is to reduce the cost of equipment Important way.

The price of the plate is proportional to the production cost of the plate and inversely proportional to the amount of plate used. When the CTP equipment is more widely used, with the increase of production efficiency of the plate production enterprises, with the increase of the use of the plate, the price of the CTP plate should have the possibility of proper decline.

There is no doubt that the CTP equipment in the printing industry in China will certainly have a further increase in the amount of holdings, we look forward to the equipment manufacturers targeted markets, through the efforts in product sales to achieve greater breakthroughs. Of course, we also hope that developers can increase investment in scientific research, more in the mass production at the same time more innovation, more intellectual property of their own, more national things. We also look forward to more CTP equipment and plates with "Made in China" nameplates to go to foreign printing markets.

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