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Technology contends: Three differences between CTcP and CTP are analyzed
Apr 25, 2018

Technology contends: Three differences between CTcP and CTP are analyzed

This device can regulate the height of exposing head automatically according to the printing plate, thus guarantee to expose quality. Compared with adopting the laserinstrument as CTP apparatus of the light source, the maintenance that CTcP exposes the head is more convenient and more easy; Changing the light source needn't have professional personnel, the ordinary attenbant can finish. It is the lowest that the magnetic suspension that there is no machinery to abrade drives technology to not merely bring the precision error of the whole apparatus down to, have lowered the odds of equipment fault greatly even, has offered the firm guarantee for creating the high-quality products. This advantage is CTP apparatus does not possess, because the transmission year in and year out of machinery that uses every day must be known and resulted in abrading, this is unavoidable in any case.

The difference three: CTcP, CTP are different from performance that the printing craft merges.

The final purpose of making a plate is to print, it is jointed that more advanced plate-making way is only smooth with the printing craft, just have practical value.

Though CTcP apparatuses and CTP apparatuses can all incorporate the printing craft, requirement and result for the two are totally different.

The coating material of material of CTP edition and coating material of the ordinary PS edition have difference greatly, lead to the fact it printing that display getting right and ordinary PS getting right to very much loud difference stores in in printing of edition in the intersection of printing and craft. Edition water of material Mexico equilibrate and the intersection of pressure and size, pH value and environment around the printing machineof medicinal solution of printing machine want regulation and test again in printing actually. Practice has proved, no matter to the operator of the printing machine or for administrator, this is all a relatively long and complicated alteration course. The changes of different printing parameters have strengthened the difficulty that CTP merges with the printing craft fast, cause enterprises to retrieve the cost of investment, time to produce the economic benefits to lengthen.

CTcP advantage in integration with printing craft stressed. The consistency of the edition of material has guaranteed several prints right normal running. The printing enterprise needn't worry all sorts of problems produced because of printing rightly and changing!, needn't spend a large amount of time and energy finishing a edition of material and matching the work of printing machine still more! The relatively stable printing parameter makes craft and printing craft of making a plate can finish mutually melting during extremely short time, and produced the economic benefits.